Staff Training

To ensure the impact of circular economy and quick wins for your business it needs the input of different subject-experts in your organisation. To align those diverse groups of people we developed special training courses and bootcamps for employees and executives. Let us support you and your staff on the way from linear to circular.

Workshops & Bootcamps

How to ensure sustainable thinking and innovation in times of crises? The ability to stay innovative in times of crises is called resilience. Volatility in raw material prices, scarce resources, shorter product lifecycles and disruptive technologies force companies to become efficient and stay innovative at the same time. This consequence of a linear economic logic can be mitigated by means of a circular understanding of economics. If we start to see products as a container for value over time, we open up possibilities for new business models and markets. nextcycle helps you to make sense of the circular economy and shows you the business case for your company.

Added Value

Let us teach you how to think circular. You will gain an understanding of the circular economy and its potential for your business. Through hands-on workshops and trainings we enable executives and staff to prototype and test circular business models.

Topics & Keynotes

  • Circular Economics for Staff and Executives
  • Sustainability 2.0 Training
  • Upcycling as Business Case
  • The Future of Waste
  • The Definition of Value